The TNT Green Office is the most sustainable office building in Western Europe

The TNT Green Office is the most sustainable office building in Western Europe. It has a Leed Platina label, the highest score awarded by this American sustainability rating system.

The building’s structure was developed from an efficient underground car park with maximum division flexibility. Our underground manageable drainage model determined the shape of the building.

That helped to develop a ‘simple’ and clear structure. Architect Paul de Ruiter’s trust in Van Rossum was of course essential to be able to work in this manner.

A super flexible building was developed, in particular in the spanning of the floors. The semi-sunken car park was executed as a paved drainage garage. Because of the building pace and costs, we chose a complete prefab support structure consisting of a column beam structure, combined to make pi-frames, with hollow-core slabs spanning 16.2 metres.

The building’s main characteristic is the big central atrium around which the building was designed in a U-shape. The roof of the atrium was made with laminated wooden girders spanning, as mentioned, 16.2 metres. The only closed elements in the floor plan are the elements intended for vertical transport. We designed these as stabilising elements, allowing for optimal flexibility in the floor plans and in the facades.

There are no limitations as to the usage of the building. It’s a very spacious, open building. The function switching opportunities and alterternative layouts considerably lengthen the lifespan of the building. It also uses very little energy. We used 75% recycled material in the foundations. We used 20% over the entire body.

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Location Hoofddorp, Beukenhorst-Zuid
Client Triodos / OVG
Architect Architectural agency Paul de Ruiter
Contractor Boele & Van Eesteren
Project Start March 2007
Completion February 2011
Surface Area 17,250 m² (excluding the semi-sunken basement)
Function Office building
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

TNT Green Office

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