An independent structural engineering agency and consultancy founded in 1953. From four locations, we work with modesty and commitment on achieving our ambition of collaborating constructively, innovatively and creatively today to help shape the residential, working and living environments of tomorrow.

We do what we say and say what we do. With a long tradition in structural consultancy, we are quite passionate about organizing integrated solutions for diverse projects. We often also act as a catalyst in projects.

Putting forward various concepts with immediate cost estimates is a pragmatic design method for making important decisions at an early stage. Our input not only consists of providing constructive advice, but also and more particularly, of highlighting aspects that appeal to other consultants as well.

what we do

Our core values are innovation, drive, commitment and pragmatism. These words represent the way we work, what makes us unique, and how we call each other to account.

Quality comes first. We listen carefully to our clients’ wishes and work exclusively with expert staff. We place high value on providing creative solutions within our own sphere of competence as well as in other consultants’ areas of expertise. In this way we continue to innovate and deliver consistent quality. That is the power of shared responsibility. We are always looking for the best price-quality ratio and monitor simplicity in complex projects. Ultimately, this results in a successful integral approach and the best results.


One of our main tasks is to translate concepts aesthetically and economically into reliable structures. This is achieved by acting as a consultant to the client and as a member of the design team.

Structuring a concept creates a clear structural design, with as few partial solutions as possible. Early in a design process, such choices can have a major effect on construction costs and quality. A clear, reliable design is transparent and understandable to all parties involved.

Even after choices have been made, we continue to review them. The same goes for when new design developments present themselves. We monitor the structure, make adjustments if necessary and dare to take the lead in the design process.

Cooltoren | Rotterdam

Tower Ten | Amsterdam


Quality is the cornerstone of our success. To ensure quality in our processes, various tools such as BIM, Revit and Parametric Design have been integrated. As a result, we realize residential and non-residential construction and redevelopment projects in the most reliable and cost-efficient way.

Some 70-80% of our contracts consist of follow-up contracts with regular clients. Such a result can only be achieved through personal attention and a broad focus on safe design, efficient use of materials, inventive solutions and good communication with all stakeholders, so that the client’s wishes are fulfilled. We have done so passionately for over 70 years.