Living and shopping above a medieval castle!

An independent project within the large-scale renovations on Hoog Catharijne. Four layers with a large, enclosed garden have been created above two shop layers.

Living and shopping above a medieval castle!

De Vredenburg in the centre of Utrecht is a combination between apartments and a shopping centre, literally among the ruins of the medieval De Vredenburg castle. You can even see the ruins from the public bicycle shed underneath the building. Van Rossum came up with a number of innovative solutions for the foundations in order to build on top of the ruins. For example, posts with incredible supporting power up to 7500kN were drilled through the ruins, so that no underground supports needed to be installed along the support lines. Otherwise, these would have to be constructed right through the monumental ruins.

Another feature of Vredenburg is the interconnected support lines. These are suited for both home construction and retail construction. In this structure, Van Rossum used a standard planning grid size of 7500 mm, which is quite large for home construction. Applying the dividing walls as wall girders allowed us to construct homes with a maximum depth of 12 metres, resulting in a maximum column grid of 7.5m x 12.0m in the retail section.

The building now has a prominent position on Vredenburgplein. With its architectural look and feel and 5-metre high shop floors, De Vredenburg provides a beautiful transition between the old and the new city centre.

Tags: Utrecht, apartment / housing, shopping, redevelopment, mixed use

Location Utrecht
Client Corio Real estate development b.v. (retail), ING Real Estate (homes)
Architect AMA Nederland Architecten b.v.
Contractor BAM Woningbouw
Project Start 2006
Completion 2012
Surface Area 6,000 m² of shops, 10,000 m² of homes, partially under ground level
Function homes/shopping centre
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

De Vredenburg

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