11 floors with a big underground parking lot

This is an “old” nursery home from the 1960s that no longer meets today’s standards. The St. Jacob foundation owns the building and will therefore also own the new building.

The capacity is being extended to around 100 apartments for rent with medical facilities. The building will be 11 floors with a big underground parking lot for which Van Rossum has done the lay out.

During the preceding phase of the project Van Rossum first arranged for surveys to be done regarding the demolition, among others type A- and B asbestos surveys. Further the required building permits have been applied for. The demolition plan is put out to tender and the contractor doing the job was assisted by our management and supervision control.

To begin with 30.000 m3 good quality sand had to be disposed of, which then was sold at a good price. Van Rossum made the layout designs for the whole area. It was important to the client that we keep the net costs down and we managed to do that.

According to expectation the results can be admired by everyone by 2014.

Tags: apartment / housing, parking, health, care, redevelopment

Location Heemstede
Client AM Wonen Foundation St. Jacob
Architect Vista
Contractor Sloop Bottelier
Civil engineering Van Gelder
Project start 2009/2010
Demolition start June 2012
Realization 2013
Completion Around 2014
Surface Area 12,000 m2
Former function Elderly home
New function Housing with medical facilities, including underground parking lot
Function Van Rossum Design layout of the area, prepare the area for building, demolition-plan,  tenders demolition and civil, traffic engineering design parking lot, management and supervision control.


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