The former Options Exchange at the Amsterdam Rokin has a new user and a new look to go with it

The former Options Exchange located at the Amsterdam Rokin has a new user and a new look to go with it. The massive concrete front wall has been replaced by a transparent aluminium curtain wall with impact on the stability. Also the new big void interconnecting four floors with the head editor’s office required adaptations in the construction.

Removing the concrete front wall was made possible by placing wind bracing and a concrete wall between the concrete columns in the rear elevation. Until the 4th floor steel plaiting has been placed at a right angle and then poured with concrete on site. The wind load can be transmitted to the foundation this way. At higher floors steal wind bracing has been placed in a steal trestle. The desired transparent look of the front wall could be achieved this way.

The daylight can get into every nook and cranny of the seven-floor building, including two underground floors of parking, via the curtain walls. This will promote the working atmosphere. Work areas have been set up around the open central core of the building. The curtain walls ensure outside views at all times. Glass flooring has been used on the first floor in tune with the glass inner walls. The office canteen is also accessible to the public and is situated on the ground floor.

By ingenuous construction design Van Rossum has been able to realise these major changes in stability and foundation without having to make amendments in the support structure.

The former Options Exchange has turned into a beautiful transparent building. Van Rossum has contributed to this renovation with pleasure.

Tags: Amsterdam, office building / offices, redevelopment, renovation, leasure / hospitality

Location Amsterdam
NRC Media
Architect Dam& Partners Architects
Interior architects Jaap Dijkman
Contractor Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen
Curtain wall Rollecate
Construction designs Van Rossum (client Van Rossum-DVM)
Completion 2013
Function NRC Handelsblad editorial office

NRC Handelsblad

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