New head offices built on dumping grounds in Amsterdam and IJmuiden

Van Rossum has been involved in the project from the start. Afvalzorg Nederland wanted to show that a dumping ground can have purposes beyond dumping rubbish on it. The challenge here was to come up with a foundation proof against subsiding subsoil. In other words we had to make a construction that could be built on an instable layer of waste consisting of old bikes, gasses, food remnants etc.

We started doing measurements, until we knew precisely how the subsoil would react. This was a challenging job demanding highly creative solutions and a pragmatic approach at the same time. Van Rossum finally came up with the concept with which we could tackle the assignment. We developed a screw jack method so that the position of the building can be rectified when needed. Our innovative adjustable foundation can be considered quite unique.

Tags: office building / offices

Location Along the North Sea Canal
Client Afvalzorg Nederland
Architect Kerste Meijer Architecten
Realization 2003/2004
Completion 2005
Surface Area Approx. 4,500 m2
Function New head offices built on dumping grounds
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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