Very special to build bridges in the sand. There wasn’t a drop of water in sight yet!

Here we have chosen for in-situ concrete with a certain curvature in order to achieve the desired shape. This type of bridge is also very suitable for a heavier traffic load. Add to this the desire to keep the bridge at a sleek height, in other words a sleek construction, and the choice is obvious: an in-situ concrete support structure on a settlement free surface. Incidentally, it is very special, to build bridges in the sand. There was no water in sight.

The advantage of this is that the form-work (boxing) of the bridge can be built into the sand pack. If there had been flowing water, then this would not have been possible. In order to give the basis extra time to set, there has been pre-loading in the sand.

The sidewalks are finally constructed from a steel grid work whereby the openings are filled with granules. This bridge design fits perfectly into the urban plan of IJburg.

Tags: Amsterdam, bridge

Location Amsterdam
Client Development Business, City of Amsterdam
Architect Meyer & Van Schooten, architects
Contractor 3 bridges Broekert, 4 bridges Vobi
Project Start 2002
Completion 2006
Total number 7 bridges
Function Fixed bridge
Function Van Rossum Infra Technical design in collaboration with architect, public tender, management and supervision

Bridges IJburg

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