From initial draft to construction drawings within 4 weeks only

The Hirsch building project was divided in three parts: the Apple and Mini stores, restoration of the structure and the support construction for the climate and electrical installations. This way a big part of the building activities could take place before permission was granted.

Van Rossum was called in primarily to create more space by removing existing columns. Above all it was important that the Apple store could reopen as soon as possible.

We made a plan based on reversible construction. This was in order to create a removable construction in case it needs to be removed in the future if for example Conservation department requests so. A building permit was not required in this case which enabled us to do the work quickly. (Of course not without consulting Amsterdam Building Supervision).

Aside from this reversible construction we have also been busy with a number of ‘invisible assignments’. There were for example very strict requirements for the floor loading. But we are especially impressed with the visible work done. A beautiful space has been created and almost everyone knows about the glass stairs in the Apple store by now. We did all the calculations on those stairs for Apple by the way. At Van Rossum we have staff specialised in glass constructions.

The most remarkable thing here is the turn-around time. From draft to construction drawings within 4 weeks only, including the steel specifications. Our approach eventually saved 3 to 4 months time in the whole process. Especially in this case time is money. Apple could certainly move into the building very quickly.

Tags: Amsterdam, office building / offices, shopping, redevelopment, renovation, monument

Location Hirsch building, Leidseplein Amsterdam
Client Swedish foundation/owner of the building
Redevelopment team Goed4U (construction management), Honhoff Vastgoed, AGS Architecten, Studio  C Architecten, WHR Climate Control advisors and Van Rossum Consulting Engineers
Contractor Bouwbedrijf MJ de Nijs & Zonen BV
Project start 2011
Realization 2011
Completion 2011
Surface Area Apple Store 2,600 m2
Current function Building shops and offices; the building is an Amsterdam monument
Former function Offices, cinema
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer, with specialist knowledge of renovation and restoration projects

Apple Store

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