Our pragmatic approach enabled the constructor to realize the building within the set time frame

At a later stage Van Rossum became involved in this project. Technically and in terms of the budget there had been quite a few hick ups. For that reason we needed to make some rectifications to prevent the building project from coming to a complete standstill. At the same time we ensured that everything fitted within the financial planning. Van Rossum made new calculations for the entire building. The project was back on within two months.

A major operation was the adaptation of the basement concept. We have somewhat lifted the building so that the 2-layer basement could be changed to a 1-layer basement, having both technical as financial advantages. Our pragmatic approach enabled the constructor to succeed in realizing the building within set time frame.

The Community College has become a successful project. It consists of 5 towers interconnected by bridges. The height of the towers varies from 11 layers to 6 layers. The highest point is at 47 meters. In the designs by Thomas Rau both the movement of big groups of people in and around the complex as well as the possible increase of courses has been taken into account.

In the mean time about 5,000 students of both ROC and the Da Vinci College make use of the building. Additionally the building houses a supermarket, a Rabobank, a company restaurant, various technical workshops, various shops and catering facilities, a travel agency, a gym and an underground parking lot. The established companies also offer internships for students who can gain practical experience that way. That way this ‘city of knowledge’ is more than just a school building, but actually a micro society in itself.

Tags: parking, sports, shopping, education / schools, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location Leiden
Client Community College Leiden BV
Architect Thomas Rau
Contractor Heymans
Installation advisers Van Heugten
Project start 2003
Completion 2011
Surface Area 54,400 m2 (including underground parking lot)
Function Training centre, shops and catering
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

ROC Leiden

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