Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam
Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam
Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam
Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam


A structural complex and challenging project

The World Trade Center Amsterdam located at the heart of the Zuidas opened in 1985 and has undergone numerous large-scale renovations in which several buildings have been added.

The World Trade Center was built early 1980s and originally consisted of 4 towers with a two-storey underground parking garage of 200 by 90 meters with a capacity of 1200 cars below. There were the identical A- and D-tower (12 fl oors) and the identical B- and C- tower (17 floors). With a total floor area of 55,000 square meters, it was the largest office complex in the Netherlands at the time.

The WTC was completely renovated early 2000 – Van Rossum was the lead structural engineer – with the addition of 5 new buildings of which the E-tower and H-tower were the tallest (65 and 104 meters). To make the new and old buildings more coherent, all towers got aesthetically connected with each other by slender curved steel-glass roofs. When the redevelopment was completed by the end of 2005, the total floor area more than doubled.

Zuidas is Amsterdam’s business district which develops fast. Because of its popular and prime location, demand is high and buildings are continuously in development or under construction. As a result, WTC is expanding even more. At the beginning of 2022, the WTC complex has a new addition: Tower Ten. Its 23 storeys will add another 32,000 square meters to the existing business campus, especially offices and a commercial plinth on ground floor. The two-storey underground parking garage is expanded as well.

Tower Ten will be 80 meters tall and will be built under, against and on top of the original D-tower. In total, ten storeys are added. From an engineering point of view, Tower Ten is a very complex project. However, constructing it is challenging as well. Van Rossum made the structural design in such way that the entire WTC with its many neighbouring towers can continue to function during construction of Tower Ten.

With a new transparent facade and the continuation of WTC’s typical curved steel-glass roofs, Tower Ten will be a modern but fitting addition to the existing WTC, entirely according to the intentions of PLP Architecture.

Tags: Amsterdam, highrise, office building / offices, redevelopment, Zuidas Amsterdam

Location Amsterdam
Client CBRE DOF Development BV
Architects PLP Architecture, OZ Architects
Contractor Ballast Nedam
Design 2016
Project start 2018
Completion Q1 2022
Height 80 m
Area 32,000 m² new offices, 49,000 m² total, incl. redevelopment
Functions Offices, commercial and parking
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineering

Tower Ten WTC

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