An arched front wall with housing above it

The architect Lucien Krol is known for his organic architectural designs. Van Rossum was asked to become involved because we have experience with organic design.

From the beginning of the project Van Rossum has set up a matrix structure to clearly structure the different elements of the project; a parking lot in the basement, shops on the ground floor and 3 to 13 floors above it. By using this matrix we could easily display the organic character of the project while working within an efficient process structure which gave the architecture liberty in his designs. This approach enabled us to realize the project successfully.

Aside from the process development we were also technically challenged here by a huge arch that had to be placed in the front wall. Above the arch housing was added. The result is a beautiful arch of about 25 to 30 meters, constructed in prestressed concrete.

Tags: apartment / housing, parking, shopping

Location Dordrecht
Client Woningbouwvereniging
Architect Lucien Krol
Construction Management Hoefsteeg Project Management
Contractor Heijmans
Project start 2006
Completion 2008
Surface Area 22,000 m2
Function Apartments, shops and parking lot
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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