Wonderwoods Utrecht
Wonderwoods Utrecht
Wonderwoods Utrecht


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Healthy Urban Living is one of Utrecht’s main ambitions. Wonderwoods, two high-profile green towers will be built near the future Beurskwartier district within walking distance of Utrecht’s central railway station.

The two green towers designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects will be 105 and 73 meters high respectively. The Wonderwoods concept consists of a rich mix of living spaces, offices, relaxation areas, cultural venues and catering services. An innovative urban landscape with one hectare of trees and shrubs in and around two future-proof towers.

The MVSA tower consists of housing units, offi ces, retail outlets and a so-called Nowhere. The design is characterised by a transparent façade and many green terraces all around. The terrace on level 6 is semi-public and will be connected to the adjacent Boeri Tower by a footbridge. The Boeri Tower consists of residential and commercial units. This design is characterised by balconies with trees and flowers in pots. Both end façades will have flowers and plants on the balconies rather than trees. Furthermore, there are several green terraces on various levels. The semi-public terrace on level 7 will be connected to the adjacent MVSA tower by a footbridge. Below each tower will be a one-storey basement.

The lower layers of the MVSA tower will be characterised by large open spaces and great flexibility in layout. Therefore the choice was made to use a beam-column structure. To create space for the installations, Top Hat Q-beams and THQa beams rather than concrete beams will be used on the floor level for the pipeline route. The office floors have been designed in such a way that it will be possible to create vacant spaces between them in the future.

As the commercial function of the lower floors of the Boeri Tower makes an open structure desirable, a beam-column structure will be used here. Above the commercial units, an efficient transfer structure with deep beams will be used for the housing units. Tree tubs attached to the façade of the Boeri tower will create a vertical forest.

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Tags: Utrecht, residential tower, highrise, mixed use

Location Beurskwartier, Utrecht
Clients Kondor Wessels Vastgoed, G&S Vastgoed
Architects Stefano Boeri Architetti, MVSA Architects
Contractor Boele & Van Eesteren
Installation consultant Terberg Totaal Installaties
Building physics consultant LBP|SIGHT
Functions Approx. 420 housing units, offices, Nowhere art space and recreation areas
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Wonderwoods Utrecht

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