Earthquake-resistant construction in Romania

Van Rossum is involved in this wonderful project in Romania.
Vastint Romania acquired the Timpuri Noi plot with a total surface area of more than 53,000 m2 in 2010.
The centrally situated terrain in the vicinity of the metro station is now being developed in its entirety. As well as homes, offices and commercial spaces, infrastructure is also being invested in.
The building to be realised will consist of three office towers on top of a two-layer basement / garage with steel-based foundations.
In total, there will be 150,000 m2 of new development.

Romania is a highly seismic region.
The fact that construction has to be earthquake resistant is a leading principle in the design.
The basement will be only 30 m approx. from the Bucharest loop which means that the construction excavation is particularly complex. With our Dutch expertise in the area of construction excavations in the soft ground next to rivers, Van Rossum has made an important contribution to ensuring that the project can also be realised financially. Our specific expertise with regard to earthquake-resistant construction has also been of enormous value.

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Timpuri Noi

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