A building with a friendly atmosphere surrounded by water

The Synagogue is a building made of concrete, steel and wood in combination with very strict health and safety requirements regarding the load of the construction. Regardless the building still has managed to get open character, complete with glass front wall and a beautiful, completely wooden, beam construction. Van Rossum is partly responsible for looking after building it within the set budget without making the building look, due to health & safety requirements, like a bomb shelter. We have been able to meet almost all the requirements of the client and the architect.

People living in the near vicinity also have come to appreciate the building in the mean time. Previously there were protests about the Synagogue because of parking issues and safety aspects. We have also made an effort to allow the project to happen from a social angle. A lot of discussion and consultation took place with all those involved. The Synagogue has eventually become a building radiating a friendly atmosphere, with only one meaningful access road.

Tags: Amsterdam, synagogue

Location Amsterdam
Client Stichting Liberaal Joodse Gemeente Amsterdam
Architect Bjarne Mastenbroek
Construction management PKB Bouwadviseurs
Contractor Bouwbedrijf MJ de Nijs & Zonen BV
Climate Control Ingenieursbureau Linssen BV
Project start Around 2005
Realization August 2008
Completion August 2010
Surface Area 3,400 m2
Function Synagogue
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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