Project optimised at an early stage

This project comprises a double layered underground car park of about 20,000 m² underneath a residential tower (105 metres) and an office tower (97 metros), along with a hotel.

An important aspect in building the double layered underground car park was drainage. Minimising the structural height of the floors and vertical support beams allowed us to dry the well with heavy drainage. Because everything was optimised in an early stage, we were able to prevent a more costly and risky building excavation. This approach was crucial to the success of this project.

The underground car park is next to an underground pipeline route – an underground tunnel with all the pipes for the entire building. That way, all the pipes are always directly accessible. In addition to the car park, the double-layered basement also has a large bicycle shed, a sprinkler basin and various technical rooms.

The hotel part is tunneled and both towers are prefab concrete. The stonework was all applied at once, removing the need to do any stonework on high levels. At those heights, there is a lot more wind, causing the pace at which the stonework is done to determine the pace of building the entire construction. By applying this sandwich-structure, we were able to build an entire floor in 3 to 4 days. The schedule certainly benefited from this approach!

Tags: Amsterdam, apartment / housing, highrise, hotel, office building / officesparking, mixed use, Zuidas Amsterdam, residential tower

Location Amsterdam
Architect Architecten Cie
Adviser Installaties Techniplan
Adviser Peutz Construction Physics
Height of towers 105 metros and 97 metres
Area 40,000 m²  (office tower) and 16,000 m² (residential tower);
Car park 20,000 m² – 500 parking spaces in the basement double-layered underground car park
Completion 2009
Function of Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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