2 Olympic-sized pools of 25 metres according to NOC/NSF requirements

There are hardly any pools of this size in the Netherlands.

There are hardly any pools in the Netherlands of this size and with such a big arch span. That is why constructive engineers and architects have so little experience with it. Van Rossum was invited on the project from the beginning by Pellikaan. Our innovative solutions had to take the project costs down. The costs were the decisive factor in the contest Pellikaan had entered.

Swimming pool ‘De Vrolijkheid’ is a big leisure complex. It contains two Olympic-sized pools of 25 metres according to NOC/ NSF requirements with a total surface of app. 1,575 m2. Additionally there is a 25 metre training pool, a recreational pool and a children’s pool. There is also a diving tower and slides.

The construction, with a height ranging from 6 to 8,5 metres is constructed in steel combined with steel roof slabs. Obviously the pool function has determined the construction. To create a 35- metre long column-free arch span we used trusses. Wind bracing creates stability.

To prevent the soil from expanding we used an innovative solution. The water was first pumped out into the excavation and was later pumped back. This socalled return pumping was used for the first time in the Netherlands and was decisive in the cost of the project and part of the reason that Pellikaan won the contest.

Tags: sports

Location Zwolle
Gemeente Zwolle/Pellikaan
Architect Pos4 architectur/städtebau
Contractor Pellikaan
Constructive advisors Strategie Architecten
Project start 2010
Realisation 2011
Completion 2012
Surface Area Approx. 7,000 m2
Height 8.5 meters
Floors 1
Function Swimming pool
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer build & design

De Vrolijkheid

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