The courage to deal with a problem rigorously

The Stedelijk Museum formed an enormous constructional challenge! Van Rossum was asked to take over the role of working out and detailing the design specifications for the steel construction, to replace an alternative that had been developed by a sub-contractor. Errors had emerged in the alternative drawn up by the sub-contractor. The project was also behind schedule.

Van Rossum was therefore asked by the contractor to take on the role of coordinating and calculating the design of the construction. The first step was to draw up a plan of approach, and to check key critical elements using simple calculation methods. Using an approach based on establishing reliable core elements and building out from them, we focused first on the primary parts of the building, and then on the less important parts. In this way we were able to make the project manageable. We then demonstrated by means of a 3D calculation model and a 3D drawing model that it was still possible to realise the design using the steel that had already been ordered. The steel that had already been installed was taken back to the factory to enable necessary adaptations to be carried out. During the continued work on designing the steel skeleton we also worked out (in painstaking detail) how to incorporate the building’s special facade into the steel construction, in cooperation with Solico.

Apart from our technical knowledge, our insight into processes was critical here, but it also called for the courage to deal with a problem (which was receiving a lot of media attention) rigorously. Otherwise this very special building could never have been realised. Naturally we are proud of the new Stedelijk Museum; with its beautiful exposition areas and the ‘floating’ roof, which rests on just 6 supports.

Tags: Amsterdam, museum, leasure / hospitality

Location Amsterdam
Client Municipality of Amsterdam
Architect Benthem Crouwel architects, Mels Crouwel
Contractor Volker Wessels (after the bankruptcy of Midreth)
(Van Rossum’s client was Midreth, then subsequently Volker Wessels)
Structural engineer Arup
Installations advisor Huisman & Van Muijen
Start design 2004
Start construction 2010
Delivery September 2011
Surface area Square 2,550 m2, new build exposition area ca. 12,000 m2, total exposition area 25,690 m2
Function Museum
Van Rossum’s role Working out and detailing the alternative construction of the new build.

Stedelijk Museum

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