Inconveniences for retailers and visitors were limited to a minimum

A tour de force in terms of constructive design and execution technology!

The Stadshart Nieuwegein [Nieuwegein city centre] is a redevelopment and expansion of the existing City Plaza shopping centre, and is one of the largest city centre developments to be built in the Netherlands over the past years. It is a mix of new developments, expansion and renovation. The most important part was keeping the existing shopping centre open and accessible at all times.

Van Rossum developed structures that could be incorporated into the execution in such a way that inconveniences for retailers and visitors were kept to a minimum. Breaking through three housing blocks, in which the support structure was divided over multiple layers, is very special, from a constructional perspective. Van Rossum worked out an alternative support structure for this case.

The combination of existing and new structures made a very challenging design possible.

Tags: apartment / housing, parking, shopping, redevelopment, renovation, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location Nieuwegein
Client Stadshart Nieuwe Gein / Corio Real estate development b.v.
Architect Architects Cie (block 1), Dok Architects (block 7 and 8), Greig and Stephenson (City Plaza renovations)
Construction management ABC Construction management (block 1), DVP (Block 7 and 8), Munnik construction management (City Plaza renovations)
Contractor Heijmerink, Bunnik & JP van Eesteren, Rotterdam (block 1), JP van Eesteren, Bunnik (block 7 and 8) Van Zoelen, Utrecht (City Plaza renovations)
Project Start 2005
Construction start 2008 block 1, 2010 City Plaza renovations, 2011 block 7 and 8
Completion Block 1 September 2009, Block 7 and 8 February 2014 (completion of all sub projects)
Surface Area 17,500 m² of shops (block 1), 11,000 m² of shops (block 7 & 8), 163 apartments (block 1)
38 apartments (block 7 and 8), 88 parking spaces in underground car park (block 1), 150 parking spaces in underground car park (block 7 and 8)
Function Shops and apartments
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer (for all subprojects)

Stadshart Nieuwegein

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