The advantages of prefabricated constructions are fully utilised here

This completely prefabricated building of 52 meters height in total is being built completely free of scaffolding. The plinth will house commercial property and storage spaces, the 2nd and 3rd floor are for parking and from the 4th floor there will be housing, 6 apartments per floor.

The advantages of prefabricated constructions are fully utilised here. The building process can be speeded up this way. It is of course a prerequisite to take this into account when making the design and establishing the construction systems.

Deciding on the size of the prefabricated elements in terms of the front wall the number and the size of the columns is of importance. This is essential so that the design can be realized, putting the advantages of prefab to good use. Provided the design is good, prefab is more durable than pouring concrete.

Van Rossum spends a lot of time on linking the client’s desires to what can actually be offered by the contractors. Concepts are made to fit reality here a 100% and details cannot be overlooked. This requires a close collaboration and intense consultations with the architect.

Tags: apartment / housing, parking, shopping, residential tower

Location The Hague
Client Boele van Eesteren
Architect Inbo Architecten
Contractor Boele & Van Eesteren
Installation adviser Bureau Nieman
Project start 2011
Construction start September 2013
Completion Summer 2015 (expected)
Surface Area 20,000 m2
Function Mainly apartments at a unique location in The Hague
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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