This beautiful building is rising up in the IJ in Amsterdam!

This complex project involving the construction of a “bridge” hung between two 91 meter high towers is being built in the IJ in Amsterdam. After winning the tender the architect approached Van Rossum for further development of the project considering our experience with high-rise buildings and prefab concrete.

The building comprises two parts: the low-rise and high-rise sections. A design was created for the high-rise with prefab inner walls and a load-bearing prefab exterior wall. This enables a construction speed of one story per week. Due to the significant wind load on the building, stability was the determining factor in design.

The bridge construction between both towers comprises four steel lattice trusses, and a secondary load-bearing structure is safeguarded for these trusses. The trusses are designed in such a way that each joist can be eliminated without this causing the rest of the construction to fail. In order to prevent the lattice trusses being jammed between both towers a pure hinge system was designed as a support. This permits the completely free rotation of the lattice trusses.

Due to the large differences in loading between the high-rise and low-rise constructions the decision was made to build the foundations of the low-rise section on the second layer of sand and the high-rise on the third layer. As a result the expected differences in settlement can also be minimised.

The project was completely executed in BIM by Van Rossum. From the final design on we worked together in a combined model with the architect and installation engineer in order to align the design to each other’s work and prevent future construction faults. The co-designers work with this BIM-model and the models belonging to these co-designers can be”clashed” directly in the BIM model in order to detect any faults.

Photographs by Egbert de Boer

Tags: Amsterdam, apartment / housing, highrise, parking, leasure / hospitality, residential tower

Location Amsterdam, the IJ
Client Dura Vermeer / De Nijs, New Cheese Development
Architect Arons & Gelauff architects
Installation adviser Hiensch
Contractor Dura Vermeer / De Nijs
Start design 2012 (end of 2012 temporarily suspended till June 2014)
Start construction 2015
Completion 2018
Area ca. 65.000 m2
Function Residential, catering & parking (ground floor / -1)
Role of Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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