Its historical value has been maintained

For a long time the Oostereiland in the Dutch town of Hoorn has been a highly debateable issue for the municipality. During phases preceding the project Van Rossum played a role in enabling fruitful discussion about the renovation of this characteristic and defining location in the town. We then started the construction designs. Van Rossum has been closely involved in the architectonic designs from an early stage. This way we could ensure that the project was financially feasible.

The building is composed of 6 separate construction parts and has been completely renovated. Because of subsidence and cracking in the front walls all construction parts of the foundation have been restored. The new concrete flooring we have embedded on screw injection poles in the wall plates. This carries the construction elements of the different buildings. All the framing has also been renovated. A close  collaboration with the contractor was required here.

We at Van Rossum have established the starting points for everything that needed renewing in the building. The assignment was to renew only if absolutely necessary and if so to keep the construction as light weight as possible. The lightness was essential because only then could we use the original  construction which is how we ensured restoration of the original building and preservation of its historical value.

Tags: apartment / housing, office building / offices, museum, redevelopment, renovation, mixed use, leasure / hospitality, monument

Location Hoorn
Client Hoorn Municipality
Architect TPAHG Architects
Contractor Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen
Advisers Construction Management – BBA
Project start 2009
Realization 2010
Completion 2011
Current function Housing, offices, cinema, museum, national monument, cultural heritage
Former function Prison
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer with specialist knowledge of renovation and restoration projects


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