Moxy hotel Utrecht
Moxy hotel Utrecht
Moxy hotel Utrecht


Wood will be the prevailing material

A special construction method will be used to build the Moxy Hotel.

The hotel rooms will be delivered as wooden modules, which will be stacked on top of a concrete substructure. This method ensures a relatively short construction period and limits nuisance for the local residents during construction.

Commissioned by Vastint Hospitality, we will be involved in the very early phase of the project as main structural engineer. The project will have a floor area of approximately 6,500 m². Together with the design team we worked on an integrated design approach for the new Moxy Hotel in Utrecht. The hotel was designed by JHK Architects and is partly seven storeys and partly five storeys high.

The project will be located adjacent to the Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn railway station in the built-up area alongside the Vaartsche Rijn canal.
Given the archaeological value of the subsoil, the depths of the foundations and the number of pilings will both be limited. This is achieved by the transfer structure in the foundations. The preconditions set by the built-up location, the limited surface area of the building site, the archaeological value of the subsoil and the architectural design together resulted in a special structural design.

The substructure consists of a concrete table for which as few piles as possible will be drilled into the archaeological subsoil. The wooden modules will be delivered on site and then stacked on top of the concrete table. This ensures a very fast construction period, limits nuisance in the built environment and provides a special and sustainable structure.

The structure of the wooden modules will consist of CLT walls and CLT floors connected by screws. The wooden modules themselves will also be screwed together and not only provide vertical force transmission but also stability in one of the building’s directions. Furthermore, the wooden modules are all identical to each other, creating a modular building system.

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Location Utrecht
Client Vastint Hospitality
Architect JHK Architecten
Contractor De Vries en Verburg
Installation consultant Ingenieursburo Linssen BV
Building physics consultant LBP|SIGHT
Area Approx. 6,500 m
Function Hotel
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Moxy hotel

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