MARK Leidsche Rijn Utrecht
MARK Leidsche Rijn Utrecht
MARK Leidsche Rijn Utrecht


New skyline of Leidsche Rijn

MARK consists of three residential towers, each with an ‘illuminated crown’ referring to the history of Leidsche Rijn as a horticultural area. The crowns and the lower roofs function as horticultural greenhouses, so that food production is seamlessly integrated into the daily life of the residents.

The central and highest tower is approx. 140 m high, the south-facing tower approx. 80 m, and the north tower approx. 100 m.
Each tower consists of three disks and is vertically divided into three layers. The three towers are positioned in such a way that they protect each other against noise, while allowing for optimal sun exposure in the square and apartments. The three towers create a unique dynamic composition forming a uniform but also varied silhouette from different viewing angles.

The architecture is of high quality, the residential character being defined by loggias, terraces and balconies. Subtle differences between the architectural styles and building elements express variations within one collective language. The tower structures are designed in such a way that an efficient construction method is possible, meeting the contractor’s wishes. Stability is achieved by stability walls and cores that are optimally integrated into the architectural floor plans.

At the top floor of the central tower, a major public programme will be developed for all the citizens of Utrecht. This part of MARK is visible from afar and has the form of three illuminated crowns. These three glass prisms will either be publicly accessible or in use as communal greenhouses marking out Utrecht as a city of healthy living. The prisms can be illuminated in various colours at special events.

Tags: Utrecht, residential tower, highrise, mixed use

Location Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht
Clients Koopmans Bouwgroep | TBI, J.P. van Eesteren | TBI, Stadswaarde
Architects Architekten Cie, KCAP, Geurst & Schultze
Contractors Koopmans Bouwgroep | TBI, J.P. van Eesteren | TBI
Consultants Dietz Strategie & Communicatie, DGMR, Engie Energie, We Drive Solar
Design 2019
Height approx. 140 m (central tower), approx. 100 m (north tower), approx. 80 m (south tower)
Area 111,000 m²
Functions 279 social housing units, 204 private sector rented units, 242 owner-occupied units, 125 sheltered housing units, hospitality trade, gym, pool, rooftop restaurant, commercial facilities
Function Van Rossum main structural engineering

MARK Utrecht

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