A work of art rather than just a building

This is a very unique project, a work of art rather than just a building. The idea for the building arose by organizing a design competition for children. In order to establish a clear design concept completely in line with the ideas of the children close collaboration with the architect took place.

The building is ‘lifted’ out of the ground. This is by aid of a ring shape of support struts on which a pre-stressed concrete platform rests. On top of that lays a fragile steel construction. The support struts are also used as a bearing surface. These have a stabilising function from the ground level upwards.

To realize the Klokhuis different construction materials have been used. The use of different materials on a small surface requires thorough knowledge.

Tags: Almere, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location Almere
Client KinderCasla foundation
Architect Jord den Hollander
Contractor Bouwbedrijf Moes
Project start 2011
Completion 2012
Surface Area 400 m2
Function Bringing children together
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer from beginning to end


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