Our proposed method delivered a high quality building finished sooner then expected

At the request of the contractor Van Rossum became involved in this project in Gibraltar.

We have optimised the construction and made adaptations in the construction designs so the tunnel formwork system method could be applied. The project had to be closely supervised as the local contractor was unfamiliar with this building method. Therefore we have invited a number of staff from this contractor and reps of the Gibraltar Building and Housing Association to come to the Netherlands as to provide them with instructions on this building method.

The 19 floor apartment complexes stand on a 2 layer plinth with an underground parking lot. We have suggested an intermediate construction, where we have also taken earthquakes into account.

The method proposed by us has resulted in a high quality building finished sooner then expected.

Tags: apartment / housing, highrise, international, parking, leasure / hospitality

Location Gibraltar
Client Wessels Zeist
Architect Lovelock Mitchell Architects
Contractor Wessels Zeist and VolkerStevinĀ Construction Europe
Front wall Alurage
Project start 2006
Completion 2010
Surface Area Approx. 86,000 m2
Function Leisure centre, apartment block with parking lot
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Kings Wharf

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