A complete make over; a new building on a 35 year old foundation

This is a complete make over, a whole new building on a 35 year-old foundation.

When faced with the choice between renovation and making a completely new construction the constructive aspects especially played an important role. Van Rossum was involved from beginning to end in the processes, in a leading and a guiding role.

The building has been completely stripped and has been fitted with a new front wall and has a new layout. Durability of the building is essential.

Based on our analysis and the architect’s ideas further plans have been worked out. Preconditions were set up by Van Rossum.

When evaluating the original construction a lot of attention was paid to both core parts giving stability to the building. These had been placed by sliding forms with light concrete. The reliability of this  construction was questioned after the passing of time and closer investigation proved these core parts had to be restored.

The result is a beautiful new building with history along the A2 motorway in Utrecht. It meets current requirements and optimum use is made of its original foundation.

The front wall, with a new appearance on the side of the A2, is made from glass panels with thin hollow sections. The new main entrance has been placed in a water feature for which a part of the lower ground has been removed. Construction-wise this was not a simple task. The final result is beautiful; the  building is a real eyecatcher because of its unique front wall.

Tags: Utrecht, office building / offices, sustainable, renovation

Location Utrecht
Client Hydron NV
Architect Rietveld Architects LLP, New York
Contractor Voormolen Bouw, Rotterdam
Front wall Oskomera
Construction Consultants Royal Haskoning
Completion April 2005
Surface Area Approx. 10,000 m2
Function Hydron Water Company head offices
Function Van Rossum Main structural sngineer

Hydron Offices

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