You won’t feel the floor beneath you vibrating when you go dancing

The gatehouse and Catharijne junction, also known as the Bruggebouw [Bridge Building], are two sub projects in the Hoog Catharijne Shopping Centre. Van Rossum designed this complex project  (constructive connections with other plan components) using advanced methods, like working with BIM from the very first design.

The foundation of the gatehouse is to be built on a car park and tunnels. The Catharijne junction is supported by the outer axis of the gatehouse on one side and by a new foundation on the other. The structure will be stabilised by three cores.

In collaboration with the construction and home supervision department, Van Rossum decided to design the construction in parts. Everything was planned in dimensions and calculated with the Eurocode. The public nature of the buildings and the Catharijne junction over a public road prompted Van Rossum to go for a robust construction with extra high safety factors.

The Stadskamer [City Chambre] is above the Catharijnesingel, next to the gatehouse. It determines a lot of the look of the design, both on the exterior and interior. Steel support structures were designed for the glass roof and facade. The floor of the Stadskamer is made of glass. Whenever there’s a party over there, you can see little boats go by underneath your feet. We calculated this floor based on a high individual frequency, in accordance with the Eurocode. This means you won’t feel the floor beneath you vibrating as you dance. Special dynamic calculations guarantee the comfort of this glass floor.

It’s a lovely meeting point for the residents of Utrecht!

This project received the new development BREEAM Excellent design certificate.

Tags: Utrecht, hotel, parking, redevelopment, renovation, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location Utrecht
Client Corio Real estate development b.v.
Architect Altoon + Porter Architects, Oever Zaaijer Architecten
Contractor BAM
Installation Adviser Techniplan
Construction physics adviser Peutz
Project Start Start of 2010
Construction Start February 2014
Completion Expected 2017/2018
Area Approx. 25,000 m2 gfa, renovations and expansions
Function Shopping centre (shops, leisure, hotel)
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Hoog Catharijne

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