Transformation of the Herengracht houses into Hotel Waldorf Astoria and of the Keizersgracht into office premises

This so far impressive and successful renovation in the centre of Amsterdam is completed in May 2014. This renovation was an interesting assignment constructionwise. There is an underground car park underneath the canal houses. A swimming pool and two lifts have been fitted into this exclusive hotel.

In the underground car park a part of the concrete construction has been replaced by a steal construction to create larger passages. Van Rossum fortunately has been involved in the building project from an early stage. Through archival-and technical research the original construction has been unravelled and mapped for as far as possible.

This way new jamb forms, passages and voids could be placed in the best suitable position. The original construction parts have been reused where possible and only new construction elements of light weight have been added.

Both the in depth consultation between the architect and the contractor and the high flexibility on Van Rossum’s side- that is our motto- have resulted in a number of beautifully renovated canal houses that will serve purpose for years to come.

Tags: Amsterdam, hotel, office building / offices, parking, sports, sustainable, redevelopment, renovation, leasure / hospitality, monument

Location Amsterdam
DVM Dijkhuis Vastgoed Management BV
Architect Oever Zaaijer Architecten
Contractor DVM
Project start 2009
Turnaround time 2009-2014 for the whole building complex (Heren- and Keizersgracht) from  request of building application until completion
Completion May 2014
Surface Area Approx. 6,000 m2
Function Herengracht – hotel, Keizersgracht – offices
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Heren en de Keizer

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