Realise a building by efficient process control

The Haga hospital is realised by a so-called PPS (Public-Private Collaboration) construction. Our team’s tender was chosen, based on a substantiated design by Meyer en Van Schooten.

Van Rossum designed the concepts for the whole excavation; a basement next to an existing building and the multi- storey buildings. Our construction advice made for a clearly designed building. Clarity and simplicity are important features in the construction so that architects can create a unique building. Furthermore risk control will be manageable this way.

At Van Rossum we consider that to be one of our main jobs; to realize a building by having efficient process control. Of course a relation of trust between the architect, contractor and the structural engineer is essential.

Tags: highrise, office building / offices, parking, health, care, leasure / hospitality

Location The Hague
Client Volker Wessels
Architect Meyer en Van Schooten
Contractor Boele van Eesteren
Project start February 2012
Realization February 2013
Completion 2015
Surface Area Approx. 35,000 m2 (including parking lot of 8,370 m2)
Function Hospital
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Haga Hospital

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