Tight time requirements to get studios ready for use

Building speed was crucial here. From design to project realization there was a tight schedule. Endemol needed to get back in the studios in time.

Because of long term collaboration between Van Rossum, G&S Vastgoed and G&S Bouw, the work could progress quickly.

Because the building had to house several functions, such as recording studios, set design, catering facilities and offices this was quite a complex construction job. Mainly for the recording studios there were high requirements regarding noise pollution and vibrations from surrounding rooms. For that purpose a floating floor was put in on absorbers to shut out practically all the vibrations.

The recording studios are buildings in their own right. In spite of separation and placing entities separately, we managed to realize a building accessible to the public and functioning as a whole, including support facilities such as various restaurants.

Tags: Amsterdam, office building / offices, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location Amsterdam Z.O., Ouder Amstel municipality
Client G&S Vastgoed
Architect Van Den Oever, Zaaijer Architecten
Contractor G&S Bouw
Project start March 2007
Completion June 2010
Surface Area 35,900 m2
Function Studio and offices
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Endemol Studio

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