Where possible, prefab elements were used with only 1 transport moment and no storage space at the construction site

Diemerplein Shopping Centre has been the retail heart of Diemen for quite some time. To ensure that the shopping centre remains the meeting point for Diemen residents in the future, owner Delta Lloyd Vastgoed and the City of Diemen decided to renovate and expand the shopping centre. In addition to the renovations, the plans included a new tower housing development, parapet houses and a car park. The existing shopping centre had to of course keep functioning during the construction renovations.

Parking needs were solved with double-layered underground car park. The new development programme was structured around it. A deep well right next to the adjoining buildings of course presented a number of architectural design challenges. Van Rossum worked out a clever solution, in which they integrated the various construction stages and the user stage.

To limit inconveniences in the city centre area, we made several specific decisions. When constructing the building excavation, for example, we used a method to insert the sheet piles (pushing them up) and foundation posts (screwing them in) that had a minimum amount of vibrations.
Where possible, prefab elements were used with only 1 transport moment and no storage space at the construction site. This was in contrast to execution with concrete poured on site. There were various transport moments for the different components like formwork, reinforcement, concrete etc.

Diemerplein has also remained surprisingly familiar to those who have known the gorgeously renovated shopping centre for many years. ‘Continued shopping’ during the construction renovations contributed to that.

Tags: Amsterdam, apartment / housing, parking, shopping, redevelopment, renovation, leasure / hospitality, residential tower

Location Amsterdam
Client Delta Lloyd Vastgoed
Architect Arn Meijs Architecten Group
Developer 3WNewDevelopment
Management Stevens Van Dijk
Supervisor CentraalBureauBouwtoezicht
Contractor Van Wijnen
Installation Adviser KVMC
E-Installer Van Den Pol
Heat installer Warmtebouw
Area 34,000m² of which 17,000m² of shops (new developments/ renovations) 45 apartments, 20 parapet houses and 400 underground parking spaces
Project start 2007
Construction start 2009
Completion 2012-2013
Function Shopping centre, apartments
Specifications Renovations and new developments shopping centre in city centre area
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer in a general partnership with Corsmit Advisory Engineers


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