De Bazel offices at the Vijzelstraat to be renovated into Municipal Archives

From the initial phase we have been involved in the renovation of De Bazel offices at the Vijzelstraat into the Municipal Archives. From the start the requirement of regulatory floor loading of 10 kN/m2 according to the Public Records Act was important and fire resistance for the main support construction less so.

If we would have had to follow those demands the project would not have been. As the construction advisors we started a discussion with the provincial archive inspector who checks the renovation plans. At first we suggested a regulatory floor loading for the current archives based on the stochastic approach. For the four different types of archive we have done 128 sampling verifications to determine the weight of one metre of archive. A 5% tax overdraw is determined based on this, such as set out in the Buildings Decree. We arrived at a floor loading of maximum 4.5 kN/m2, quite a decrease which enabled
moving the Municipal Archives into this monumental building. The provincial archive inspector has  given us dispensation from adhering to the law.

Another important matter is the fire resistance of 120 minutes for the main support construction. With new constructions this is met by prescribing the appropriate coating for the concrete reinforced steel. For existing buildings on the other hand this needs to be determined. Firstly it is important to determine what the main support construction is, after all the archives are cultural heritage. After consideration we established it to be the vertical structure, consisting of columns and walls and the main beams. The  whole building, including the office floors, was to get a sprinkler system, bringing a reduction of 30  minutes. The fire resistance requirement was lowered to 90 minutes. The provincial archives inspector suggested this to a colleague constructor who agreed with our insight.

Tags: Amsterdam, office building / offices, redevelopment, renovation

Location Amsterdam
Amsterdam municipality
End user Amsterdam Municipal Archives
Architect Claus en Kaan Architects
Management Project Management Bureau
Location Amsterdam
Surface Area 30,000 m2
Realization January 2005
Completion Around 2006
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

De Bazel

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