Combining many different functions to create a real centre

A project combining many different functions, creating a real centre.

Layering different functions has made this project quite complex, structurally speaking. Yet Van Rossum managed to implement a clear, affordable structure.

The three-layered bottom level contains the public functions; parking, shops, a library, a gym, a theatre and some apartments on the ground floor.

Above are 5 construction sections with 5 layers with apartments. The roof has been beautifully decorated with an enclosed garden.

Van Rossum ensured that the various functions in this centre all have their own individual planning grids, guaranteeing optimal use of the building. Mainly hollow-core slabs with concrete toppings were used in the ground floor level; the structure above it consists of tunnelled blocks of houses.

Tags: Amsterdam, apartment / housing, parking, shopping, health, care, redevelopment, renovation, mixed use, leasure / hospitality

Location North Amsterdam
Client North Amsterdam Municipality District, AM Amsterdam and Rochdale
Architect RPHS
Contractor BAM
Area 7,000m² shops, 127 apartments, 40 home care apartments, 2,200m² community centre, 800m² library theatre, 420 parking spaces (of which 240 are public)
Completion 2013
Function Shopping/ community centre
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

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