A clear infrastructural plan is very important for eventual development

Van Rossum made this project financially feasible by ensuring that the contractor was limited in doing additional work.

By beaconing structures and sticking to the starting points a good design has been established which benefits the realization.

A part of the technical design is the soil stabilization. By figuring out the connection between the soil balance and settlement the soil removal has been minimised. Van Rossum made a new suggestion for the paving to control the costs.

Also in terms of the design for the sewer system the costs have been limited by using ingenious systems. For example by placing inverted drainage wells with discharge pipes for further waste water drainage.

A clear infrastructure plan is important for eventual development of the area and the final results.

Tags: apartment / housing

Location Pijnacker-Nootdorp
Client AM Wonen-Rotterdam
Landscape architect Lodewijk Baljon- Amsterdam
Contractor BAM Road construction (infrastructure)
Project start 2003/2004
Completion 2013/2014
Surface Area 12 hectares
Function Area development; residential area with green infrastructure and water
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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