Extremely high quality for a hotel which is more than what we’re used to in the Netherlands

This is an existing building, previously the conservatory, in which new developments were to be added in the enclosed garden. The client demanded extremely high quality for the hotel – of a type we’re not used to in the Netherlands. The project was especially complex due to the many parties involved. Van Rossum therefore set up umbrella project insurance, allowing us to start work responsibly.

The Conservatorium Hotel is a fantastic addition to the city. There were clear technical challenges, such as going 9 metres underground, close to an existing cultural heritage building. In collaboration with Crux, we advised and closely monitored this assignment. The atrium was also certainly an interesting task. The result is an exquisite construction, of which its complicated execution – and the stability of the construction in particular – are almost invisible to the naked eye.

The transparent new developments in the enclosed garden have a level floor on columns which are ingeniously supported by the cultural heritage building. The Conservatorium Hotel is a sustainable building. A GSHP installation was used for the heating and cooling elements to reduce energy consumption. This was achieved by sinking a well 150 metres deep. In addition, all existing windows were replaced with glass with highquality thermal and sound insulation.

Van Rossum was the only party involved from the beginning to the end of this technically challenging project.

Tags: Amsterdam, hotel, sports, sustainable, redevelopment, renovation, monument

Location Amsterdam
Client Alrov Group
Architect for new developments Meyer & Van Schooten Architecten
Architect for old developments Architectenburo Van Stigt & O-III
Interior Lissoni Associati, Milan
Contractor IQNN Real Estate
Advisers geotechnics – Crux
Surface Area 14,000 m² existing area, 5,000 m² new developments of which 2,000 m² is a Well being centre; the building of an Atrium and Central Glass Building
Start of transformation May 2008
Completion time December 2011
Current function Hotel
Former function Conservatory former RijksPostspaarbank [State Post Savings Bank]
Function of Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Conservatorium Hotel

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