We were able to fully meet the architect’s requirements

This project concerned two identically-shaped office buildings.

It was quite a challenging job because of the cantilever restriction of 10.80 metres. We could not go beyond this especially considering the construction weight request of the client.

A combination of prefab front wall elements, individually deviating, and additional prestressing in the flooring. Because the prefab elements deviated individually, we set up a small prefab factory so that we could make the specific elements on site.

Even though the building process was complex it has resulted in clearly imaged buildings. We are very proud that we have been able to fully meet the architect’s requirements so that his ideas were truly realized.

Tags: office building / offices

Location Hilversum
Client Combined- Delta Lloyd and Phoenix Project Development
Architect Tangram architecten
Contractor Wessels Zeist
Management CCB
Project start 2000
Completion 2002
Surface Area 10,000 m2
Function Offices
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer


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