Van Rossum’s constructive know-how was urgently needed

The extension of the Arena stadium was a complex job. The new construction had to fit the existing construction. The new construction partly had to be built on a viaduct with another owner leading to both technical and financial complications. Van Rossum managed to convince this owner of the feasibility and safety of building the foundation of the new Arena building on this viaduct. We then managed to involve all parties in the project processes with amended designs with tight budget management. At the same time Van Rossum looked after the assembly plan coordination in this difficult location.

Van Rossum’s construction expertise was required to realize the new Arena building, especially when it concerns a unique type of foundation. As an Amsterdam agency we are obviously proud to have been able to contribute to “our” Arena.

Tags: Amsterdam, stadium, leasure / hospitality

Location Amsterdam Zuidoost
Client Arena
Architect Van Den Oever Zaaijer architecten BV, Architect Soeters for aesthetic design advice
Contractor Dura Vermeer
Advisers Construction management DVP
Project start 2011
Completion 3rd, 4th quarter 2012
Function Football stadium/“event” venue
Function Van Rossum Main structural engineer

Arena Stadium

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