Existing foundations, sparing construction

Structurally speaking, the Anna van Bueren Tower is an incredible challenge. The building will be placed on an existing storage cellar, in which the foundations already have a maximum support capacity. These foundations were intended for a different building with a different user. Van Rossum was asked to ensure that the new client’s wishes could be met while staying within the set budget.

This turned out to be quite a difficult assignment. The building was to be set on 12 columns; however, the planned shape of the building did not optimally fit in with the 12-column-structure. Therefore, a number of transitions had to be incorporated in the planned volume to facilitate the project. We played a crucial role in this, up until the final stages of the process. Van Rossum was able to reduce the amount of steel needed for the construction, allowing us to reduce the construction price.

The Anna van Bueren Tower is a clear example of how our expertise can lead to a necessary alteration in design, making the project feasible in a commercial sense.

Tags: apartment / housing, highrise, parking, education / schools, residential tower, student housing

Location Den Haag
Client Fortress
Architect Wiel Arets architects
Contractor Wessels Zeist
Project management A&O Construction Management
Adviser DGMR Construction Physics
Installation De Bosman Bedrijven
Surface area 22,000 m²
Project start March 2011
Completion time 2013-2014 school year
Function University, student housing, offices, hotels, restaurants and catering industry

Anna van Bueren tower

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