Transformation of five existing buildings

The new complex of network company Alliander offers room for 1,550 members of staff, who took part in the design during co-creation sessions. The five existing buildings have been extended and roofed with a ‘climatic greenhouse’ that has a wavy, suspended roof.

Not just the final building, the entire process is sustainable. During the construction of the complex, raw and other materials have been circularly used to the greatest possible extent. Everything from the old building that was usable has been reused: the roof structure, façades, doors (in new furniture), ceiling panels, toilet bowls, etc.

The concrete façades of the existing buildings were (partially) removed, making the buildings lighter. This made it possible to add a floor to these buildings after reinforcement of the foundations. While one of the buildings was being raised, the roof structure was temporarily placed in the car park and was then put back.

Alliander wanted to have the buildings transformed into an integrated energy-generating and highly sustainable complex. And it has worked! Five themes were the key during the process: new ways of working, circularity, energy positivity, the relation with the area and integration. The building complex provides for more than its own energy demand and as such supplies energy to the surrounding area. Thanks to the combination of the glass atrium and air heating, a ground heat pump and 10,000 m2 of solar cells, the energy balance is positive.

The DBMO contract with a term of 15 years has resulted in a sustainable, fantastic building with comfortable work areas.

Tags: office building / offices, sustainable, redevelopment, renovation

Location Duiven
Client VolkerWessels Vastgoed
Architect RAU Architects
Developer VolkerWessels Vastgoed
Contractor VolkerWessels, Boele & Van Eesteren
System advisor INNAX
Interior Fokkema & Partners
Landscape Kuiper Compagnons
Building physics, fire and BREEAM Aveco de Bondt
System innovation Turntoo
Start design mid-2012
Start construction autumn of 2013
Completion August 2015
Surface area a total of approx. 25,000 m2
(approx. 6,000 m2 newly built, approx. 4,000 m2 of which is atrium and approx. 2,000 m2 is office
Function Office, laboratories / training rooms
Function Van Rossum Main Structural Engineer


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