Staff and education

Advisors, structural engineers and draughtsmen have enormous responsibility seeing the effect structural engineers have on the structural safety of buildings. We find that this position can therefore not be filled by temporary contracts or employees. We employ permanent positions which we respect in periods in which we have fewer assignments.

A large number of employees has been with us for over 15 years. Our steady growth has allowed for an influx of young staff in recent years, creating the ideal mix of experience on the one hand and new knowhow among our younger staff on the other.

At Van Rossum, we put a lot of effort into training our staff due to our focus on quality. We do so through training at establishments including the Betonvereniging, Bouwen met Staal, HTI, HvA and also through training by internal colleagues. Every employee seeking to expand their knowledge receives ample opportunity to do so. Our employees are without a doubt our most valuable assets!

In order to facilitate growth among our staff, we set up our own wage payment system. In this system, functions are grouped into function families. A function family consists of functions that are similar in content, but which can differ on level andskill. Every function family comprises several different skill levels.

Function levels from all function families are listed in function groups A to K. These groups directly correspond to the A to K salary scales. For every function level, a categorised goal description is provided to illustrate the level with example activities. The main advantage in this approach is that it is clear to everyone at Van Rossum how functions and responsibilities correspond to salary structure.

Function matrix Van Rossum

We have at least two yearly meetings per employee. One of those is the performance interview and the other is the assessment interview, in which the employee’s performance is evaluated by their line manager. These annual meetings are important tools in tracking, guiding, and if need be revising employee development. In the assessment interview, the employee’s performance is evaluated by the line manager on 5 key aspects (functional skills, productivity, quality, development and leadership), subdivided into 25 sub units. The main goal of these interviews is to allow employees to grow and develop further.

All decisions in and changes to the terms and conditions of employment are made following consultations with the Collective Works Council. The CWC has six members; consultations between the CWC, manager and Personnel take place six times a year. The Personnel department handles all matters relating to staff, for the entire course of employment.