Cost limitation

In limited construction budgets, it is important that costs do not disappear in construction and that the budget is also used to for example furnish spaces and quality setting spaces in particular: places where quality will be experienced by the user.

Economical design is done in the initial stage. Setting up a clear economic concept is only possible in this stage. Streamlined designs are made possible by transparent presentations of alternatives and immediately making clear to the design team what the financial possibilities are, as well as the consequences to each design choice.

The core of the budgets is therefore in the Preliminary Design (PD) and Final Design (FD). During the PD, the financial borders are set for a successful design process. It’s all about making the best choices. For these purposes, we usually employ our valuation matrix, enabling all parties involved to contribute. The FD is the point at which we can test whether the design meets the financial requirements and whether any extra alterations are necessary in the process. The specifications budget is just a detailed calculation of the FD. Making alterations after the specifications budget has been set usually is not possible due to the schedule, and often leads to unnecessary changes. A good FD budget is therefore absolutely essential.

The basic principle of cost savings is sharp structural engineering. But integrated design and creative design can also limit costs or increase turnover. This could include optimising for example underground car parks, increasing the leasable area through design alterations and by the correct use of materials in terms of logistic limitations. In these operations, it has also become increasingly clear that the principles of sustainable design can lead to very interesting results economically.

In budget-determined projects, we have to take on the role of cost guards throughout the process, and not just towards the end of a stage. Otherwise, it could lead to unnecessary overspending on the budget. That is why drawing up budgets is part of the services we offer. Our agency has a number of employees that are specialised in drawing up budgets. This way we can make weighed financial decisions at any point in the process for constructional, installation or architectural areas.

The costs of these choices are not limited to construction. Sound decisions can only be made with a complete cost overview. In case of unique cost-saving parts, we request second opinions from external parties. That way, unique parts can also be properly incorporated into the budget.