Company philosophy

Van Rossum Holding is an independent engineering agency, in which the board members are also partners in the company. Van Rossum was founded in 1953.

The company has a longstanding tradition in constructive and civil engineering advice on various projects.

In recent years, Van Rossum has worked on well-known projects such as the renovation of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Carré, Rembrandt Tower in Amsterdam, City Hall – Muziektheater Amsterdam, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum, Nieuw Craeyenburch Pijnacker-Nootdorp, a number of bridges in IJburg Amsterdam, Het Klokhuis, ROC Lammenschanspark Community College Leiden, Hermitage in Amsterdam, the Stadsbaken flats in The Hague, swimming pool ‘De Vrolijkheid’ in Zwolle, the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and more.

Our organisation is based around working with regular clients. We often work within dedicated partnerships. Together, we participate in selections and competitions. Quality is the key criteria in those activities. Regular collaborations contribute to this quality.

We make sure we are able to maintain a high level in our advice work, with sufficient resources. “Now that the budget’s been reached, we’re no longer coming in to work” is the complete opposite of our company philosophy.

We want to do our work well, to the satisfaction of our clients, architects and client advisers. As a reliable partner. Being that requires good follow-up practices, which we tackle head on – an action we have written in our policy statement. For example, we aim to build connections with our clients and/or architects that last for years, ensuring the continuity of our agency. Many clients and architects see us as a regular partner for structural engineering consults. We are their ‘dedicated partner’.

It is important for both parties to stay at the top of their game in a regular partnership. Transparency and open communications are therefore essential.

In addition to acting as advisers, we also enjoy acting as a catalyst in projects.