Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch

The Theatre ‘aan de Parade’ is located in the historic city centre of ’s-Hertogenbosch at the foot of the beautiful almost seven hundred years old St. John’s Cathedral, and with the own backyard literally on top of the eight hundred year old city walls.

Already since 1836 there is a theatre in this part of town. The old Parade lives and sparkles thanks to the theatre life. The current building has had an extensive renovation between 1992 and 1996, after the fact that plans for an underground concert/theatre Hall didn’t make it.

The new theatre will get two Halls. The great Hall gets about 950 seats, the second Hall about 420 seats (1200 plots). There will be no room anymore for a movie room. The demolition of the old theatre will begin only after the end of the Jeroen Bosch year 2016. It is expected  that the period of demolition and new construction will last approximately 3 years.

The new design is from architect UN Studio.
Van Rossum is main structural engineer.

The winning design from UN Studio (photo: municipality of  Den Bosch)